Flow OLAP creates tools and software products designed to support the adaptive modelling process.

TM1 Server Manager

The TM1 Server Manager, by Harvey Withington, lets you manage your TM1 local servers without digging into config files or messing with command line options.

TM1 Window Manager

The TM1 Window Manager, by Harvey Withington, cleans up the clutter of TM1’s Server Explorer application by organizing the windows into a dockable Multiple Document Interface.

TM1 Transporter

The TM1 Transporter, by Ricky Marwan, streamlines the process of moving model objects from development to staging to production, without the need for server re-starts.

TM1 Rule Editor


The TM1 Rule Editor, by Ricky Marwan, is an alternative way to edit and update your TM1 rules, supporting drag and drop and syntax highlighting.

TM1 Top

TM1 Top, by Ricky Marwan, is the easy way to monitor your server activity.

Flow Genesis

Flow Genesis, by Harvey Withington, is a complete application platform built from the group-up to facilitate Adaptive Modelling techniques.

Unfortunately, we no longer have the resources to support the product ourselves. If you are interested the Flow Genesis Project, please contact Harvey Withington or post in the forums.