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Techniques for Building Generic Models

What is a Generic Model? Generic modelling has the goal of satisfying customer requirements in way that takes into account future needs and enhancements. Often while gathering requirements, a BA will focus on the customer’s short term needs without considering wider-reaching goals, enhancements, and ongoing maintenance. In order to use generic modelling techniques, we need […]

Flow Genesis Terms II – defining Diagnostic Reports, Templates and Deployment Packages

Introduction Ah, the much-anticipated sequel! Will it exceed the beloved original, like “The Godfather Part II”, or will it be a massive disappointment like “Hannibal”?! This is a follow-up article to “Flow Genesis Terms I – defining Models and Snapshots“, so please read that article first to get the full perspective. What is a Diagnostic […]

InfoCube Spark – making TM1 server monitoring classy!

Introduction Today, I spent my time configuring and evaluating Spark Monitor, a new product released by Ben Hill from InfoCube. I was pleasantly surprised by the simple yet attractive design of the site. Good visual design is something that is often overlooked in this industry, so it’s nice to a see a site that’s clean […]

Array Types in Turbo Integrator

Introduction I noticed a 4-year old post over on the TM1 Forum site about simulating array variables in Turbo Integrator. It has been a persistent topic, so I went back through the thread and was surprised to see that there has been no mention of using character-delimited strings are array variables. I do this often, and it […]

.NET C# TM1API starter kit.

Introduction One of the most powerful (and possibly overlooked) features of TM1 is that it supports a fully-featured programming API (Application Programming Interface). This means that virtually any function supported by the server is exposed to external programming environments. Or, put more simply: you can write your own TM1 application, and your imagination is the limit! […]